Investment Funding Request

Guidelines & Request Submission Forms

Funding Request Guidelines have been established by the Evansdale Education Foundation Board of Directors to provide Evansdale staff with a mechanism to identify funding needs and request funding from the Evansdale Education Foundation.

Evansdale staff interested submitting a funding request should review the Funding Request Guidelines in their entirety and submit the enclosed form to Evansdale Principal, April McCarthy.

All submissions must establish a Goal, follow the Criteria as set forth in the guidelines, and provide a suitable Mechanism for how the funds will be distributed.

Step 1: Acknowledge our Requirements

Goal: To provide for staff to identify funding needs and request funding from the Evansdale Education Foundation (EEF).

Criteria: All requests will be evaluated consistently with the investment criteria established by the foundation which are:

  • Investments with the ability to obtain and leverage additional funds;
  • Investments that impact the largest number of students;
  • Investments that protect or enrich current educational programs: Language arts, social
    studies, science, art, PE, music, foreign language, math and magnet programs;
  • Investments that promote smaller student/teacher ratios;
  • Investments that the PTA cannot fund;
  • Investments not easily funded through public and private grants;
  • Investments of high priority identified by administration and/or faculty.

Mechanism: Prior to seeking any funding from EEF, staff must submit the request form to the administration for recommendation. Blank forms will be maintained in a clearly marked folder in the foundation mailbox. After it is determined that the school and the district cannot provide the funding and a recommendation from the administration is obtained, EEF will consider funding a specific request. The administration will be consulted related to any specific request. Requests may be referred to the PTA if the board determines this is the more appropriate funding source. Any request should be made in writing and may be provided to any board member or left in the foundation mailbox. Any request must be made before any funding is needed with ample time for the board to take action (typically at least 30 days) and should identify how the investment criteria apply. Any request for training or professional development should identify how the program would assist with building on the School’s improvement plan and impact student achievement. In addition if training would require staff absence from the school, administrative approval for a substitute would be required prior to consideration of funding by EEF.

Step 2: Download & Complete

Step 3: Upload Forms