2022 School Year Agenda – Rebuilding the Nest

Evansdale Education Foundation

Helping our Eagles to Fly

We are a non-profit organization that supports the needs of Evansdale Elementary through targeted investments and initiatives.

Evansdale Elementary Education Foundation, Atlanta Georgia

Dear Evansdale School Community,

Every dollar we raise, every decision we make, and every penny we spend is driven by our love and passion for current and future Evansdale students.  Our efforts are driven by core principles that empower our community to expand opportunity for our children.

  • Partner with Evansdale community, faculty, and PTA.
  • Identify, prioritize, and address most critical needs based on student, parent, educator, administrator, and community input.
  • Enrich academic and interpersonal experience.
  • Promote student empowerment, diversity, compassion, creativity, and discovery.
  • Operate with openness, inclusion, respect, and integrity.

As our mission-driven work continues, we are reminded of how much we rely on and appreciate the support of our school community.   Thank you for your continued support for Evansdale Elementary and the Foundation.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization committed to providing direct financial support to help Evansdale Elementary School realize its full potential.

Our Principles

To identify, prioritize, and address the most critical needs based on student, parent, educator, administrator, and community input.

Our Success

To date we’ve invested in teacher resources, health & safety measures, media & infrastructure, and we’ve invested in educational programs.

What’s Happening at Evansdale?

Eagle Trek 2024 – Eagles United

Get ready to soar with EagleTrek, the ultimate fundraising extravaganza for Evansdale! This event stands as the pinnacle of our fundraising efforts, channeling crucial funds to uplift our students, teachers, and enhance our school grounds. In 2024, our ambitious target is to reach $30,000 by March 14, and we’re counting on the boundless energy and support from our amazing students, families, and community to make it happen. Together, let’s reach new heights and make a lasting impact on Evansdale’s educational journey!

Why a Foundation?

The Evansdale Education Foundation was established in 2010 to support our beloved school in ways DeKalb County and the Evansdale PTA cannot. We partner with parents, administrators and teachers to fund staff and vital school needs above what can be funded by DeKalb County and the PTA alone.

  • STEM Education Resources
  • Laptops, Equipment, and Software
  • Upgrading Aged Facilities
  • Language & Teacher Support
  • Teacher Certifications
Evansdale Elementary EagleTrek Students

Investment Snapshot

School Year 2023
STEM field trip funding, PTA ESTEF Grant funding, leadership council, and french internship support

School Year 2022
STEM education funding, typing software, GaETC support

School Year 2021
communication software, French immersion language tools

School Year 2020
teacher certifications, student laptops, refreshed media center

Investment History Support EEF
Evansdale Elementary Media Library

Donate Today

The Evansdale Education Foundation is a 501c3 made possible by individual donations, corporate sponsorship, and funds that we raise during events like our annual EagleTrek fun-run and festival.  Donations to the Evansdale Education Foundation are tax deductible and go entirely to supporting the growth of our neighborhood school.

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Donation Form

All donations are confidential. For Eagletrek purposes, please include student first and last name and homeroom teacher.

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