Evansdale Media Center Upgrade

Thank you to our generous donors whose gifts made it possible for the Foundation to support the refresh of Evansdale’s Media Center into a 21st Century Library!  According to the Department of Education, the more students read or are read to for fun on their own time and at home, the higher their reading scores. We also know that students’ access to books and other printed materials is a key variable affecting reading acquisition.

With that in mind, we are excited to unveil the new, flexible, functional and fun furniture for the Evansdale Library Renovation.  The nine new tables on casters can be easily configured to fit the needs of the individual, small group, and whole groups of students, staff, and community members who utilize the library space for instructional needs and meetings.  The bright blue chairs are lightweight, easy to move, and sized just right to accommodate our learners.

Replacing the short wooden shelves with curved shelves on casters that have integrated soft seating provides comfortable nooks to read in the Everybody section and gives the library space flexibility.  Now, the space invites our youngest readers to choose a just right book, curl up, and read.  The colorful stools are additional options for our readers to choose the perfect spot to dive into a good book.

One of the three puzzle tables with colorful stools greets students when they enter the library and offers a great space for small group projects.  The other two puzzle tables are flexible learning spaces for small groups and individuals where the oversized computer tables were previously located. The stools offer students a different style of seating and provide a splash of color.

Now the furniture of the Evansdale Library will invite our students into a modern learning space where they will be inspired to read and learn in a variety of ways.  Thank you to our wonderful school librarian, Ms. Eden Clark, for her vision and commitment and to our school administration who worked through the pandemic to make this happen!

And again, thank you to the Evansdale community for your support!  The Evansdale Library Renovation will positively impact current and future students for years to come.