Help us PowerUp This Spring!


A Message from Genny Tuggey

Evansdale Parent and President of the Evansdale Education Foundation

Dear Parents and Friends of Evansdale:

Perhaps you’ve seen the “PowerUP” flyer that mentions the spring fundraiser, a party at the Vista Room Friday 3/24/2017.
Perhaps you:

  • Wondered…if a band party in the community is your thing?
  • Thought…it sounded expensive, or ‘not another fundraiser’?
  • Realized… you had a conflict, and couldn’t come anyway?

We wanted to send a note to our families to answer these questions … and explain

Why We Need You to Help us ‘PowerUP’ any way you can:

  • STEM & iPads. Our school is inches away from becoming STEM certified, as early as this spring.  But certified or not, Evansdale has made miles of progress influencing the way teachers engage students, and the way students approach problems and teamwork, really simulating the way we work productively and better preparing our kids for JOBS.  iPads have critical content that help enable the STEM process and we simply do not have enough of them.
  • Technology – No one needs to convince you that a screen engages your kids more than a hand-out. And no one needs to remind you that adults don’t work with hand-outs and text books in our real jobs — technology changes and enables the way we work.  While there are considerations for screen time limits they are often balanced by tremendous academic advantages to incorporating technology in the classroom responsibly – for example, engaging children of all learning style types, and facilitating participation among kids who do not typically speak up.  And we simply do not have enough iPads.
  • Large classrooms – Evansdale has been tackling ways to make large class sizes better for each child through Gifted Certification, and Differentiated Learning instruction – which helps teachers meet kids where they are, even though kids are at different levels in the same class. iPads can help continue this momentum, engaging parts of the class at different times, and helping each child make progress at their own level, all trackable to teachers.
  • Investment, not an expense. Does it sound expensive? If 150 out of our 450+ families give $100 — we are past goal.  I think of it as investment, not an expense, in my kids, our neighborhood school, and community.  It is cheaper than a tutor, but perhaps as effective as we influence the way kids are engaged and supported in classrooms.  And it is way cheaper than private school, but gives our school the same advantages some private schools have.
  • Gratitude, legacy. It’s even a chance to say thank you, and give back.  Donors at the $300 level can have customized permanent stickers attached to the new iPads.  Kids will turn them over to see who helped the school.  You can thank a teacher who especially reached your child; you can celebrate your child/ren. “This iPad was given by the Tuggey family, celebrating Grady, Porter and Emerson and their hard work!”

I may come on a little strong and I’m sorry!  But I have seen it pay off in our kids, in the strength of their friendships and performance as they go on to Henderson Middle School.  Elementary school can feel long, but it’s such a fast narrow window and opportunity to be there, to participate, to support, to believe.

If you can come March 23rd, be a part of it!!

If you can’t come to the party, donate at any level to show that you believe, too!

In fact, 12 teachers have already responded they are coming – come thank a teacher!

Thanks for all you do for the kids and school!

Please visit this link to donate (all donations enter the raffle) or buy tickets for the event. Hope to see you there!

With gratitude!

Genny Tuggey,

Evansdale Education Foundation

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