Looking ahead to our 5th year!

In the Beginning….

In the summer of 2010 a small but engaged group of families came together with an idea:  to create a foundation with a mission to provide “direct financial support to help Evansdale Elementary realize its full potential… driven by our love and passion for current and future Evansdale students.”  The task was daunting but our community quickly rallied to meet the challenge.    Five years later we’ve witnessed many changes in our school however our commitment and guiding principles remain the same.

Some of those original individuals served on our board since the foundation’s inception and we are extremely grateful for their dedication to Evansdale and contributions to the organization’s success.  Specifically, we want to say thank you and good bye to three amazing long term and founding board members:  Devon Christopher, Rachel VanValkenberg and Phil Castro, all of whom provided countless hours of guidance and leadership for our school.

However we are very excited to welcome the next generation of board members who will serve in at large positions: Jerry Appleman, Chris GarnerCynthia JonesChristofer Peterson and Sally Kramer.   While our board provides day to day guidance, we’ll turn to our community throughout the year for volunteers to assist with a variety of fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Successes for 2013-2014

We are excited to share another successful year of fundraising for Evansdale.  A combination of our Eagle Trek Walk-A-Thon in the fall, our spring Red, Hot & Blue auction along with corporate donations and grants raised $102,000 for our school!  This brings the total amount raised since 2010 to more than $387,000!

The Evansdale Education Foundation extends its deepest appreciation to all of our donors and sponsors, at every level.

Our proud Evansdale Eagles last October at the Eagle Trek Walk-A-Thon.
 Red, Hot & Blue: Havana Nights, a festive evening featuring live and silent auctions.
Investments and PTA Partnerships
For the second year we aligned our fall fundraising with Evansdale’s amazing PTA.  By combining forces, a portion of the money you helped us raise through Eagle Trek provided our PTA with the funding needed to offer programs reaching every single child at the school: from world class cultural arts performances and assemblies, to technology enhanced learning, student gardens, and more.Working with school leadership, we are excited to continue on this collaboration for the 2014-2015 year and we look forward to sharing news of potential upcoming investments to support technology within the classroom and Evansdale’s STEM initiatives.
Strategic investments to support our teaching staff were critical this year: specifically helping our faculty better prepare to implement the Common Core curriculum and implement more STEM offerings in the classroom.   Before the last school year began, 15 teachers participated in a multi-day training event to learn more about the Orton-Gillingham Approach.   Also known as “OG”, this teaching method is most often associated with a one-on-one teacher-student instructional model and is used in small group instruction as well as classroom instruction. Additionally, eight homeroom teachers received training in the “Daily Five” program designed to enhance language arts instruction in the classroom though a fun, hands on approach to literacy.


However our largest investment to date continues to be our reading specialist and head of the Early Intervention Program (EIP), Jaqueline Whited.  A full time-employee of Evansdale for the past two years, she has reached hundreds of students with specialized reading instruction, helping to close the achievement gap within our school and increase students’ future chances of success.   This pull-out model of instruction allows for smaller class sizes overall and a chance for more individualized instruction and small group interactions.   During the past school year Jaqueline assisted nearly 80 students in grades 2-5, whose overall literacy skills improved by almost 20% in the past year alone.Thanks to your generosity, Ms. Whited’s position as a full-time specialist is secured again for the 2014-2015 school year.   


The importance of our EIP investment:  “Great teachers, like the ones at Evansdale, give 110% to differentiate the instruction to meet all their students’ needs. As the EIP teacher, I help the teachers by focusing on the students who need extra help. This gives them time to give more energy to the on-grade level and above grade level students.”– Jacqueline Whited, EIP Specialist
Help Us as We Enter Year Number Five!
Finally, as a Foundation created to serve the needs of all Evansdale students we need to hear from you.  How can we work together as we approach our 5thyear?Our board members are always here to answer any questions and we welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions on how we can work together to build a first-class, neighborhood school.Reach out at any time via email: info@evansdalefoundation.org and be sure to connect with us online.

Wishing you and your family a fun, relaxing and safe rest of your summer.  We look forward to serving you in the coming year.

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