Eagle Trek Announces $10,000 Anonymous Donor Challenge

Begins Wednesday September 24th

Our Evansdale Eagles have done a great job so far but have a way to go to meet our goal of $65,000.
Here’s your chance to make every dollar count, twice!

Starting Wednesday, Sept. 24, an anonymous donor has agreed to match donations up to $10,000! The donor challenge is 5 days (ends 9/29/14) so make it count!
Remember all the ways you can help make this happen:

Set your fundraising goal for your family and review with your students to get them involved. There are some fun prizes including an unlimited pass for Fantastic Friday at the $1,000 level.

Help your Eagle go door-to-door with the offline pledge form (and ribbons) to ask for support for the Walk-A-Thon. Get out there!

Use your online donation page to email to friends, family, neighbors or colleagues that might be interested in supporting our school. Share your photos and donation page on social media to help spread the word even more. Check out this great video and share it.

Remind all your donors that their contributions are tax-deducible and all the money stays at our school (vs. an outside company) thanks to our generous event sponsors.

Remember families who may not have Evansdale students anymore will still want to support their neighborhood school. We’re all in this together!

EAGLE TREK is Thursday, Oct. 2, and all students participate!

This is the largest fundraiser of the year that benefits both the Evansdale Education Foundation as well as the Evansdale PTA.  


Thank you for helping us take flight this year. 

Eagle Trek Donation Form

Use the Eagle Trek Donation Form to log donations that you receive personally, as opposed to those made on The Eagle Trek website.

Eagle Trek Donation Form