Seeking New Board Members for 2016-2017

Evansdale Education Foundation Board Election Announcement

We are excited to announce opportunities for board positions for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.  If you value excellence in public education and have an interest in helping your community by serving on the board, we would love to hear from you.

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing direct financial support to help Evansdale Elementary realize its full potential. Every dollar we raise, every decision we make, and every penny we spend is driven by our love and passion for current and future Evansdale students.

Our Impact on the School:
  • Raised more than $400,000 since inception in 2008 to invest directly back in to our children’s daily learning experience
  • Secured the first STEM coordinator, Miss Umokoro to significantly advance STEM training, resources, curriculum for our teachers and experiences for the children
  • Helped to facilitate Gifted/ESOL certification of 20+ teachers, enhancing classroom instruction and earning County investment for our school
  • Secured the first Reading Intervention Specialist for our school to help transform the skills and performance of off-level students
  • A range of other investments have supported continuing education for teachers, technology and curriculum enhancements, and improvement in facilities such as the new track

Who is Eligible?

Any friend of Evansdale Elementary School may be nominated for the EEF Board—this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Parents
  • Neighbors
  • Local business people
  • Teachers
  • Grandparents
  • Other community members

You may nominate yourself or another individual may nominate you. Successful candidates for this volunteer organization will have a passion for excellence in public education and the mission of the Foundation.  Prior experience working with volunteer-driven organizations is helpful, but not necessary.  Professional and/or volunteer experience relating to the Board and committee role you are interested in is also a plus.

Board Member Expectations

Ideal candidates for members of the EFF Board will:

  • Work together for the best interests of the organization and the kids, our ultimate beneficiaries
  • Be positive and energetic ambassadors of Evansdale Elementary School, the EEF and the Evansdale PTA
  • Regularly attend board meetings – once a month, Sunday evenings 7:30pm
  • Make a two year commitment
  • Actively support or lead Foundation committees (communications, investments, Eagle Trek, Spring Enrichment campaign, grants, corporate sponsors)
  • Actively contribute to and participate in fundraising efforts, approaching restaurants and area businesses for their partnership and donations
  • Have complimentary interests and skills that will support the Foundation — sales, strategy, project management, events planning, accounting, tax, community presence, marketing

How Does the Process Work?

If you are interested in an EEF board position, please complete an EEF Board of Directors Interest Form and e-mail it to Scott Vanags, Nominating Committee Chair, at Please limit the interest form to no more than two pages in length and submit it no later than April 16, 2016.  The nominating committee will review all interest forms, conduct interviews and provide a slate of nominees to the EEF board for a vote at its April board meeting.

The EEF board votes on candidates and all votes are kept confidential. In considering nominees, the board is mindful of the diversity and balance necessary for the foundation to meet its goals.

Service for newly elected board members officially begins during the 2016-2017 school year.

Funding Request Guidelines

Funding Request Guidelines have been established by the Evansdale Education Foundation Board of Directors to provide Evansdale staff with a mechanism to identify funding needs and request funding from the Evansdale Education Foundation.

Constituents interested in submitting a funding request should email us at

To submit a request for check, please complete our Request for Check form.

Evansdale staff interested submitting a funding request should review the Funding Request Guidelines in their entirety and submit the enclosed form to Evansdale Principal, Dr. Daniel McGuire.

Evansdale Education Foundation Announces New Board Members

The Evansdale Education Foundation (EEF) Nominating Committee has finalized its work to seek and nominate qualified candidates interested in working on the EEF Board. This represents a crucial turning point for EEF, since founding members, the chairman, fundraising chair and other key roles are rolling off at the end of the school year. We are excited to announce that the slate of candidates presented to the Board of Directors during their February 10, 2013 board meeting was approved! Read more

Request For Check

Request for Check