Full STEM Ahead Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) for Full STEM Ahead

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What is “Full STEM Ahead”?

Full STEM ahead is a fundraising initiative focused on recruiting and hiring a full-time STEM Coordinator for Evansdale’s students and teachers by August 2015.  One of Evansdale’s goals is to become STEM certified and the Foundation was asked to help!Currently we have a computer lab, STEM kits, Promethean boards in every classroom, and tablets on the way – but the teachers urgently need coaching and support to activate this technology in the classrooms.  Full STEM Ahead is a financial movement to step-change the integration of STEM and technology in our children’s daily education experience.

How much money are you trying to raise and what are you using it for?

We hope to raise $20,000 to invest in a full time STEM coordinator teacher position for Evansdale who will begin in the fall of 2015.

What is STEM?

STEM is an educational program that combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, rather than teaching them separately, to engage students in problem solving and finding solutions.  It aims to transform the typical teacher-centered classroom to a learning environment that allows students to be more active – discovering, exploring, problem-solving – and when students are more active, they take more ownership of their learning and better develop skills they will need for higher education and the workforce. Studies have shown that most STEM-related jobs pay 26-40% higher than non-STEM jobs and have better job security. By 2018 over 8 million jobs in the United States economy will require a college degree in a STEM discipline.

Why hire a STEM coordinator?

Teachers and students currently have access to promethean boards, lap tops, tablets, and even STEM science kits, but no training or roadmap to integrate these tools into curriculum standards and learning objectives.  A STEM coordinator would help develop grade level learning plans to provide training and guidance to teachers to activate all the technology already available to them. This coordinator would ensure regular integration of engaging lessons via technology; seek out new technologies, programs and opportunities that drive engagement with STEM; and coordinate participation in clubs/competitions that would drive exposure for the school and experience for our children.  He/She would also collaborate with our Outreach Parent to create a basic learning plan to familiarize inexperienced parents with basic digital competence in key ways that will help support/encourage their children and families.

How will this benefit all students?

Our kids are “Digital Natives” – a generation born into networked digital technologies and the skills to use those technologies. Major parts of their lives and daily activities are mediated by digital technologies, and even testing and assessments will be completed online by spring of 2015.  We are receiving the technology and infrastructure we need, but we need dedicated digital capability, planning, coaching and support to help teachers bring it to life in the classroom.  This is the role that a STEM Coach has successfully played for other schools like Briarlake Elementary.  Every student at Evansdale will have more technology integrated into their curriculum, facilitated by the STEM Coordinator. And by becoming STEM certified, more grants and funding will be available to the school.

What is Uruut (crowdfunding) all about?

For this fundraiser we chose to take our campaign online with Uruut, an Atlanta based company that created a platform to help bring together individuals, businesses and foundations to obtain community-level funding.   Our hope is that by using this platform we can reach an even wider audience including business sponsors, and that through the power of social media, and online marketing we can raise funds not only from our community but through our extended networks as well.   Locally,  schools including Lakeside High School, Ashford Park Elementary and the GLOBE Academy have all used Uruut for their recent fundraising projects.

Can I write a check or donate cash? 

Absolutely!  Although this is an online fundraising campaign we will happily take your offline donation in whatever form you chose to pay.  Simply fill out this donor form so we can make sure you receive a receipt and are recognized at the appropriate level.  Return your check or cash to the front office no later than March 2nd.  Unfortunately we can’t display your name on the fundraising website however we will include your giving in our year end donor listing.

Is this tax deductible?  Yes, the Evansdale Education Foundation is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.  You will automatically receive a receipt when you complete your donation online.   Offline donation receipts will be sent separately and at a later date.

What Happened to Red, Hot and Blue (spring auction?)

For the past 4 years, the foundation has organized and hosted a spring fundraiser that featured a live and silent auction.  This was a ticketed ($30-40 per person) event with a cash bar and a chance to bid on items that would then benefit the Foundation and school as a whole.   These events are fun and effective but require hundreds of volunteer hours (your time!), solicitation from local businesses (who are already spread thin), teacher involvement (they are already so busy) as well as additional costs to host the event. While we love the idea of a gathering to build our community and celebrate our accomplishments, this year the Foundation has decided to scale back to accomplish a single and critical priority, identified by our school’s administration.   And unlike the auction, where ticket prices cover expenses and your auction purchases are not tax write-offs, every dollar you share will go to our effort to recruit a STEM coach, and every dollar is a tax write off.

What is the event on March 7th?

March 7th will be a fun, social event where we can continue to celebrate our accomplishments as a school and a community, recognizing and appreciating our teachers, administration, and valued donors.  There will be food, drinks, and prize drawings, and opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the ones you know.

Can I buy tickets to the event?

No. To attend the Donor Party you must donate $75 for one entry, $150 for two. This is less than most of us spent to buy tickets, and bid on items at the auction in previous years!

What are you giving away at the event?

We are giving away a variety of items at the event, which will be done by an old fashioned prize drawing. Prizes will be announced throughout the campaign! The more you donate, the more chances you have to win!

How is the foundation different from the PTA?

The Evansdale Education Foundation and PTA are similar in that both organizations focus on providing the best resources and programs available to enhance our children’s early educational experience.  The most important difference is that the Foundation has the freedom to hire STAFF to supplement when the county allocations fall short.  Hiring new teachers, like our Reading Intervention teacher or this STEM Coach, helps improve our student:teacher ratios, differentiated learning opportunities for the kids, and our early intervention reading and math programs.

How can I learn more about the Evansdale Education Foundation?

Please visit our website at www.evansdalefoundation.org and be sure to join our mailing list.  And please consider joining the Board to be a part of fundraising and investment decisions that can help establish Evansdale one of the strongest elementary schools in Dekalb County.

Ok, fine– you’e got my donation.  But I forgot what to do?

Easy!  Just click HERE and donate before March 6, 2015.  Thank you for your continued support!




Eagle Trek 2014 is LIVE!

Mark Your Calendars for October 2nd!

Third Annual Walk-A-Thon Kicks off September 5!EagleTrek_Logo_2014_15-01

Evansdale Eagles, are you ready to TAKE FLIGHT?  It’s time for the biggest fundraiser of the year that benefits both our dynamic PTA and supports the Evansdale Education Foundation.  Our goal is $65,000 and with your help we can do it yet again!

On Thursday September 4th, students will participate in a pep-rally and the next day they’ll bring home everything you need to help us make this the best Eagle Trek yet!  It’s really simple. Here are a few tips:

– Work as a family to set a fundraising goal.  Involve your child in the process, consider your family’s donation and decide who else in your circle of friends, family and colleagues will help support your Eagle with a donation.  The kids will love the prizes, and you’ll love knowing your tax-deductible donation stays here at the school!

– Set up a personalized fundraising website for your family (only one page needed per family). Instructions are inside the brochure. Follow the instructions to share your page via e-mail and social networks, and start asking for pledges!

-You’ll receive special ribbons to give to donors for their door or mailbox as a symbol of their Eagle Trek pride and support!

– If you are not fundraising online, you can track pledges on the enclosed sheet. We’ll collect them every week with prizes for the children.

Participate! We are proud of how many families participated last year.  We can easily hit our goal if everyone participates at some level, no matter how small.

Walk!  All students will receive a free t-shirt and walk with their class on October 2. Come help us count laps and cheer on our Eagles!


– September 5: Fundraising goes live

– September 12, 9 and 25:  Prize Blitz Days

– October 2: Eagle Trek Walk-A-Thon Event (Rain date 10/3)


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Resurgen’s Bank

Funding Request Guidelines

Funding Request Guidelines have been established by the Evansdale Education Foundation Board of Directors to provide Evansdale staff with a mechanism to identify funding needs and request funding from the Evansdale Education Foundation.

Constituents interested in submitting a funding request should email us at info@evansdalefoundation.org.

To submit a request for check, please complete our Request for Check form.

Evansdale staff interested submitting a funding request should review the Funding Request Guidelines in their entirety and submit the enclosed form to Evansdale Principal, Dr. Daniel McGuire.

Investment History

A summary of investments since our formation in June, 2010.

School Year 2010-2011: In our inaugural year we provided incentives for 5 teachers to become Gifted Certified. This small investment resulted in an additional $16,000 in annual funding to be utilized to support the entire school.

School Year 2011-2012: In our second year we did the following to bring almost $30,000 in additional annual funding to the school.

  • Provided incentives for 4 more teachers to become Gifted Certified.
  • Provided funding for training in differentiated instruction in reading and math for 23 teachers.
  • Hired Early Intervention Program (EIP) reading teacher, Jacqueline Whited, part time to assist with challenged readers and provide classroom support.

School Year 2012-2013: In our third year we did the following. (Note: benefits will be communicated when quantified.)

  • Provided incentive for 1 more teacher to become Gifted Certified.
  • Hired EIP reading teacher, Jacqueline Whited, full time and provided her training in the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading to assist her with differentiated instruction.
  • Hired an instructor to provide Orton-Gillingham training in the summer for up to 20 teachers.
  • Paid for 10 teachers to receive differentiated instruction in reading for the fall.

School Year 2013-2014: In our fourth year we did the following. (Note: benefits will be communicated when quantified.)

  • Provided incentive for an additional homeroom teacher to become Gifted Certified.
  • Funded Daily Five training for 8 homeroom teachers to enhance Language Arts instruction in the classroom.
  • Provided stipends for 16 teachers to attend STEM training.
  • Continued momentum with off-level reading students by renewing full-time EIP reading teacher, Jacqueline Whited.
  • Paid registration fees to send Ms. Mann to a national music conference to support music instruction for all students.
  • Approved funding to grant Ms. Whited a raise, plus holiday and sick days, to align her compensation package more closely with a typical DeKalb County employee.
  • Paid for 15 teachers to receive incentives to attend summer training on Core Curriculum Math & Training.


Legal Documents

You will find below a list of legal documents concerning the formation of the Evansdale Education Foundation.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we’ll do everything we can to protect it. To that end, our organization maintains an opt-out policy for its email communications. That means we only want to send mail to individuals who have requested that these mailings be sent to them or to people with whom we have an ongoing individual or business relationship.

If you donate to the Evansdale Education Foundation we will not sell, loan or rent your credit card information and will use it only for the purposes of processing your donation.

Your right to control what mailings, if any, you receive from our organization is important to us. All email sent from us will relate to the Evansdale Education Foundation or other matters related directly to benefit the students at the school.  We will never sell, loan or rent your personal information.

Why a Foundation?

The Evansdale Education Foundation was established in 2010 to partner with parents, administrators and teachers to support our beloved school in ways DeKalb County and the Evansdale PTA cannot.

For example, we can fund staff and other vital school needs over and above what can be funded by DeKalb County and the PTA.

For instance, we hired a part time teacher for the 2011-12 school year to ensure students receive the supplemental reading instruction they need. If not for our intervention, this position—and its benefit to students— would be lost.

PTA, Foundation, and School Council Overview

As you may be aware, the Evansdale School Council is examining ways to expand the Evansdale Magnet Program to all Evansdale students. To this end, the School Council has drafted a Magnet Proposal and will be leading focus groups on Wednesday, October 31 and Thursday, November 1 to collect input from current and future Evansdale parents and community members.

As a non-lobbying organization, we neither support nor oppose the School Council’s Magnet Proposal. However, since it has the potential to impact our constituents, we feel it is important to build awareness. You are encouraged to review the Magnet Proposal and provide input to the Evansdale School Council through the scheduled focus groups.

If you would like to participate in a focus group, please visit the Evansdale front office or call 678-874-2702 during school hours to see if a time slot that meets your needs is available. Please be prepared to provide your name, the group you represent (magnet, non-magnet, teacher, community member), and your contact information.

Finally, we have created the following Venn Diagram overview (or download the full-size PDF) in partnership with the Evansdale School Council and PTA to help clarify how we each play unique, yet complimentary roles to support Evansdale. Although we are separate organizations with independent governing bodies and distinct missions, we partner to enrich the educational experience at Evansdale.

Evansdale Education Foundation

Investment Criteria

The following criteria are intended to help the Foundation board make high quality decisions for funding opportunities. These criteria can be considered as a “yardstick for measuring alternatives.” It is not intended that the criteria prescribe what is funded, but rather are used as a tool to determine the opportunities that most closely align with the Foundation mission and meet the current and long-term needs of the school. Investment criteria:

  • Investments with the ability to obtain and leverage additional funds;
  • Investments that impact the largest number of students;
  • Investments that protect or enrich current educational programs: Language arts, social studies, science, art, PE, music, foreign language, math and magnet programs;
  • Investments that promote smaller student/teacher ratios;
  • Investments that the PTA cannot fund;
  • Investments not easily funded through public and private grants;
  • Investments of high priority identified by administration and/or faculty.

Guiding Principles

  • Partner with Evansdale community, faculty, and PTA.
  • Identify, prioritize, and address most critical needs based on student, parent, educator, administrator, and community input.
  • Enrich academic and interpersonal experience.
  • Promote student empowerment, diversity, compassion, creativity, and discovery.
  • Operate with openness, inclusion, respect, and integrity.

Email: info@evansdalefoundation.org