Red, Hot & Blue 2014

Red, Hot & Blue 2014

Tickets on Sale NOW for our signature event!


Red, Hot & Blue is the foundation’s signature auction event. Held every Spring, this fantastic event combines a live auction featuring an array of gift certificates, art, jewelry, vacation packages, and teacher outings with a great night featuring fabulous food and drinks. Red, Hot & Blue has become an event not to be missed! 


Request For Check

Request for Check

Legal Documents

You will find below a list of legal documents concerning the formation of the Evansdale Education Foundation.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we’ll do everything we can to protect it. To that end, our organization maintains an opt-out policy for its email communications. That means we only want to send mail to individuals who have requested that these mailings be sent to them or to people with whom we have an ongoing individual or business relationship.

If you donate to the Evansdale Education Foundation we will not sell, loan or rent your credit card information and will use it only for the purposes of processing your donation.

Your right to control what mailings, if any, you receive from our organization is important to us. All email sent from us will relate to the Evansdale Education Foundation or other matters related directly to benefit the students at the school.  We will never sell, loan or rent your personal information.

Why a Foundation?

The Evansdale Education Foundation was established in 2010 to partner with parents, administrators and teachers to support our beloved school in ways DeKalb County and the Evansdale PTA cannot.

For example, we can fund staff and other vital school needs over and above what can be funded by DeKalb County and the PTA.

For instance, we hired a part time teacher for the 2011-12 school year to ensure students receive the supplemental reading instruction they need. If not for our intervention, this position—and its benefit to students— would be lost.

Evansdale Education Foundation Elects New Board Members

By Zuzette Estevez, EEF Nominating Committee Chair

During the flurry of activity at the end of the last school year, the Evansdale Education Foundation (EEF) issued a call for candidates interested in serving on its board. New members are selected by the EEF nominating committee and voted on by the board. In June, EEF announced its new board members for 2012. Since then, they have already begun carrying out the work of the foundation.

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Summer 2012 Newsletter

Eagle Trek 2012-2013

Walk Much?

This fall, we are partnering with the PTA to bring an exciting new fundraising venture to Evansdale!

Eagle Trek is a walk-a-thon, in which every Evansdale student participates. Rather than each having its own separate fall fundraisers, the foundation is combining efforts with the PTA, asking our community to make their one-time donation to the school and to give generously, as it benefits both organizations. We hope the efficiency of this partnership benefits us all. The Eagle Trek is a natural extension of this year’s PTA theme, “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds,” and further promotes the physical health of our students and families. Perhaps the best part is that we will not be sharing 40% of our profits with a catalog company, as we have traditionally – 100% of the net proceeds stay at Evansdale and help our children receive the quality education that we desire for them.

To read the full newsletter, click one of the following:

Summer 2012 Newsletter (Reduced for web viewing)

Summer 2012 Newsletter (Hi-Res for printing)


Investment Criteria

The following criteria are intended to help the Foundation board make high quality decisions for funding opportunities. These criteria can be considered as a “yardstick for measuring alternatives.” It is not intended that the criteria prescribe what is funded, but rather are used as a tool to determine the opportunities that most closely align with the Foundation mission and meet the current and long-term needs of the school. Investment criteria:

  • Investments with the ability to obtain and leverage additional funds;
  • Investments that impact the largest number of students;
  • Investments that protect or enrich current educational programs: Language arts, social studies, science, art, PE, music, foreign language, math and magnet programs;
  • Investments that promote smaller student/teacher ratios;
  • Investments that the PTA cannot fund;
  • Investments not easily funded through public and private grants;
  • Investments of high priority identified by administration and/or faculty.

Guiding Principles

  • Partner with Evansdale community, faculty, and PTA.
  • Identify, prioritize, and address most critical needs based on student, parent, educator, administrator, and community input.
  • Enrich academic and interpersonal experience.
  • Promote student empowerment, diversity, compassion, creativity, and discovery.
  • Operate with openness, inclusion, respect, and integrity.


Our Mission

Evansdale Education Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing direct financial support to help Evansdale Elementary School realize its full potential. Every dollar we raise, every decision we make, and every penny we spend is driven by our love and passion for current and future Evansdale students. We invite those who share our passion to join us in our mission to sustain and develop Evansdale’s heritage of educational excellence.