Help us PowerUp This Spring!


A Message from Genny Tuggey

Evansdale Parent and President of the Evansdale Education Foundation

Dear Parents and Friends of Evansdale:

Perhaps you’ve seen the “PowerUP” flyer that mentions the spring fundraiser, a party at the Vista Room Friday 3/24/2017.
Perhaps you:

  • Wondered…if a band party in the community is your thing?
  • Thought…it sounded expensive, or ‘not another fundraiser’?
  • Realized… you had a conflict, and couldn’t come anyway?

We wanted to send a note to our families to answer these questions … and explain

Why We Need You to Help us ‘PowerUP’ any way you can:

  • STEM & iPads. Our school is inches away from becoming STEM certified, as early as this spring.  But certified or not, Evansdale has made miles of progress influencing the way teachers engage students, and the way students approach problems and teamwork, really simulating the way we work productively and better preparing our kids for JOBS.  iPads have critical content that help enable the STEM process and we simply do not have enough of them.
  • Technology – No one needs to convince you that a screen engages your kids more than a hand-out. And no one needs to remind you that adults don’t work with hand-outs and text books in our real jobs — technology changes and enables the way we work.  While there are considerations for screen time limits they are often balanced by tremendous academic advantages to incorporating technology in the classroom responsibly – for example, engaging children of all learning style types, and facilitating participation among kids who do not typically speak up.  And we simply do not have enough iPads.
  • Large classrooms – Evansdale has been tackling ways to make large class sizes better for each child through Gifted Certification, and Differentiated Learning instruction – which helps teachers meet kids where they are, even though kids are at different levels in the same class. iPads can help continue this momentum, engaging parts of the class at different times, and helping each child make progress at their own level, all trackable to teachers.
  • Investment, not an expense. Does it sound expensive? If 150 out of our 450+ families give $100 — we are past goal.  I think of it as investment, not an expense, in my kids, our neighborhood school, and community.  It is cheaper than a tutor, but perhaps as effective as we influence the way kids are engaged and supported in classrooms.  And it is way cheaper than private school, but gives our school the same advantages some private schools have.
  • Gratitude, legacy. It’s even a chance to say thank you, and give back.  Donors at the $300 level can have customized permanent stickers attached to the new iPads.  Kids will turn them over to see who helped the school.  You can thank a teacher who especially reached your child; you can celebrate your child/ren. “This iPad was given by the Tuggey family, celebrating Grady, Porter and Emerson and their hard work!”

I may come on a little strong and I’m sorry!  But I have seen it pay off in our kids, in the strength of their friendships and performance as they go on to Henderson Middle School.  Elementary school can feel long, but it’s such a fast narrow window and opportunity to be there, to participate, to support, to believe.

If you can come March 23rd, be a part of it!!

If you can’t come to the party, donate at any level to show that you believe, too!

In fact, 12 teachers have already responded they are coming – come thank a teacher!

Thanks for all you do for the kids and school!

Please visit this link to donate (all donations enter the raffle) or buy tickets for the event. Hope to see you there!

With gratitude!

Genny Tuggey,

Evansdale Education Foundation

Eagle Trek 2016 is Coming Soon!

What is Your Super Power?

Here at Evansdale Magnet Elementary this year, our goal for students is to know every day is an opportunity to use their own super powers to make something positive happen — our attention and efforts have enormous potential when we try hard, take pride in our work, and keep our goals in focus.

One of our goals is to launch our annual Eagle Trek Walk-a-thon — our biggest fundraiser of the year —and achieve a goal of raising $55,000 by October 1.  Our 500+ Pre-K to 5th grade students will all actively take part in this effort by pledging to collectively walk hundreds of miles, and competing to collect pledges from family and friends, all of which result in fun fitness while also helping with key investments in the school.  When you support Eagle Trek, everyone wins — our students and families, and our community.

Eagle Trek is September 29th!

Eagle Trek is September 29th!

As you probably know already, Evansdale is one of the most diverse schools in the Lakeside High School feeder school system with a key focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and our growing French Immersion Program. It’s a fact that STEM is becoming a foundation for careers of the future, and fluency in multiple languages is becoming the business acumen of the future. We are proud to be one of the State’s first public immersion schools in French, with students in grades K-3 (so far) spending 50% of the day and subjects in French, and 50% in English. And finally, Evansdale is a Title I school, so investments in Reading Intervention specialists, teacher training, and STEM and Immersion programs have a proven track record of changing the academic success of all students.


Our Fundraiser Kicks Off September 1st!

Please consider giving a tax-deductible gift to your student today. If every student could raise just $110, we would be able to achieve our goal while also helping Evansdale unleash the super power hiding inside your student.  An investment in Evansdale is an investment in tomorrow’s leaders: from scientists, pilots, writers and musicians, to artists, athletes and business leaders … all currently populating the hallways of our tremendous school!



Seeking New Board Members for 2016-2017

Evansdale Education Foundation Board Election Announcement

We are excited to announce opportunities for board positions for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.  If you value excellence in public education and have an interest in helping your community by serving on the board, we would love to hear from you.

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing direct financial support to help Evansdale Elementary realize its full potential. Every dollar we raise, every decision we make, and every penny we spend is driven by our love and passion for current and future Evansdale students.

Our Impact on the School:
  • Raised more than $400,000 since inception in 2008 to invest directly back in to our children’s daily learning experience
  • Secured the first STEM coordinator, Miss Umokoro to significantly advance STEM training, resources, curriculum for our teachers and experiences for the children
  • Helped to facilitate Gifted/ESOL certification of 20+ teachers, enhancing classroom instruction and earning County investment for our school
  • Secured the first Reading Intervention Specialist for our school to help transform the skills and performance of off-level students
  • A range of other investments have supported continuing education for teachers, technology and curriculum enhancements, and improvement in facilities such as the new track

Who is Eligible?

Any friend of Evansdale Elementary School may be nominated for the EEF Board—this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Parents
  • Neighbors
  • Local business people
  • Teachers
  • Grandparents
  • Other community members

You may nominate yourself or another individual may nominate you. Successful candidates for this volunteer organization will have a passion for excellence in public education and the mission of the Foundation.  Prior experience working with volunteer-driven organizations is helpful, but not necessary.  Professional and/or volunteer experience relating to the Board and committee role you are interested in is also a plus.

Board Member Expectations

Ideal candidates for members of the EFF Board will:

  • Work together for the best interests of the organization and the kids, our ultimate beneficiaries
  • Be positive and energetic ambassadors of Evansdale Elementary School, the EEF and the Evansdale PTA
  • Regularly attend board meetings – once a month, Sunday evenings 7:30pm
  • Make a two year commitment
  • Actively support or lead Foundation committees (communications, investments, Eagle Trek, Spring Enrichment campaign, grants, corporate sponsors)
  • Actively contribute to and participate in fundraising efforts, approaching restaurants and area businesses for their partnership and donations
  • Have complimentary interests and skills that will support the Foundation — sales, strategy, project management, events planning, accounting, tax, community presence, marketing

How Does the Process Work?

If you are interested in an EEF board position, please complete an EEF Board of Directors Interest Form and e-mail it to Scott Vanags, Nominating Committee Chair, at Please limit the interest form to no more than two pages in length and submit it no later than April 16, 2016.  The nominating committee will review all interest forms, conduct interviews and provide a slate of nominees to the EEF board for a vote at its April board meeting.

The EEF board votes on candidates and all votes are kept confidential. In considering nominees, the board is mindful of the diversity and balance necessary for the foundation to meet its goals.

Service for newly elected board members officially begins during the 2016-2017 school year.

Red, Hot & Blue 2016 Success!

Red, Hot & Blue is a wrap… Thank you, Evansdale!

From the moment our guests walked the red carpet, they knew they were in for an amazing evening. Together we successfully raised nearly $19,000 for our school!

Thank you to everyone who bid online in advance of the event, bought teacher outings, donated to our STEM support fund, kept the bidding going at our auction and raised their hand during our live auction!
The evening was made possible by a group of volunteers comprised of not only our Foundation’s board but also neighbors, alumni families, and more! From decor to live music from our EvansDads, it was a true grassroots event. It was great to see so many new families in addition to our many core supporters.

This spring we will begin the process of identifying new board members for the coming year—individuals willing to help support our fundraising efforts and drive investments for our students, teachers, and school initiatives. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and this website for more information.

Spring Fundraiser: Lights, Camera, Take Action!

Our signature spring fundraiser (Red, Hot & Blue) is back and better than ever!

The Evansdale Education Foundation is excited to present:

Lights, Camera, TAKE ACTION!

An Adults Only Evening

Friday March 4, 2016

7:30 – 11:00 p.m.

Studio Space

3080 McCall Dr #2, Atlanta, GA 30340

Get ready to walk the red carpet at a working movie studio for an amazing night featuring silent and live auction items, food, live music and an open bar! 


Pricing is $40 per person until 2/19 and then $50 per person until the event (and at the door).

Evansdale families can also return ticket order forms to front office with a check

RHB 2016 Invite-01-01

Evansdale STEM in the News

Take a look at a recent school spotlight by Georgia Public Broadcasting featuring Ms. U and her goal of “developing a STEM curricula that is based primarily on solving real world problems through questioning and investigation.”

Just a year ago we asked you, our supporters to take a chance on STEM in our school.  STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   In a STEM school learning is collaborative and project-based; kids work closely together in a hands-on way to solve real-world problems. Learning problem-solving skills — and helping students develop into creative, critical thinkers — is at the core of any true STEM school. The missing link was a liaison/coordinator who could help bring these pieces together.

Thanks to a successful online campaign we were thrilled to welcome Ms. Christine Ukumoro to Evansdale this past August.  Known affectionately as Ms. U, STEM is coming to life in every classroom.

Eagle Trek 2015 Announces $8,000 Donor Challenge

With less than one week until our Eagles take to the field, the Evansdale Education Foundation is excited to announce that two anonymous donors have challenged our community to meet our fundraising goal with an $8,000 match opportunity through Sunday, September 27th.  All money raised this week will be matched by the donors up to $8,000.

Students are continuing to collect donations from friends and family near and far and canvasing the Evansdale neighborhood with a goal of raising $65,000.  They’ll celebrate their success with the Eagle Trek walk-a-thon on October 1st where every student will walk or run for at least 30 minutes to show their support and excitement for their neighborhood school.

This is the largest fundraiser of the year that benefits both the Evansdale PTA as well as the Foundation. All the money raised stays in our school thanks to the event’s generous sponsors and supports PTA programs including Accelerated Reader, cultural arts assemblies and field trips, grounds beautification and more. The Foundation works with the school’s leadership to make strategic investments including staff. The largest investment to date is the school’s STEM liaison who was hired for the 2015-2016 school year thanks to our generous donors.

Donations can be made by cash or check to any Evansdale student and are 100% tax deductible. You can also easily donate on line by visiting our Eagle Trek page and looking up the name of the student you want to support.


Photo Sep 21, 8 12 50 PM

Eagle Trek 2015 is Here!

For the third year in a row, the Evansdale Education Foundation is partnering with the Evansdale PTA for thelargest fundraiser of the year with a goal of $65,000 between now and October 1st.

Every student, from Pre-K to 5th grade, will put their effort and energy on the line in this fundraiser.  Individual students and classes will compete to collect pledges from family and friends. Eagle Trek a tremendous benefit to our community students and a core pillar of our schools identity.  We invite you to take part in helping our children Dream Big!

Click here to visit our fundraising page– search for a student and DONATE TODAY!

Our largest fundraiser of the year with the Evansdale PTA is happening now!

Our largest fundraiser of the year with the Evansdale PTA is happening now!


All donations are 100% tax deductible

Proceeds from the event and sponsor contributions will benefit both the Evansdale PTA and Education Foundation.   These organizations invest in teacher training, classroom technology and resources, enrichment materials, and additional staffing not provided by the county.  The benefits of these investments are felt by Evansdale students each and every school day.

Perhaps the best part is that we keep more of the money you pledge right here at the school. Kids have done a great job with catalog sales or other items for purchase in previous years and at other schools, but a portion of those proceeds are shared with the managing company. By joining forces, the PTA, the Foundation, and our students are making this happen at our school, and all of the proceeds stay here.

Our theme for the 2015 school year is How Big Can You Dream?  Every day is an opportunity to dream big and work hard to make your dreams come true; our attention and efforts have enormous potential when we try hard, take pride in our work, and keep our goals in focus.

Evansdale Moves Full STEM Ahead with Spring Fundraiser

Click here to go directly to our fundraising page.

Click here to go directly to our fundraising page.

The Evansdale Education Foundation is excited to announce our spring fundraiser: Full STEM Ahead.

Launching today, we are asking our supporters to help us raise $20,000 over the next two months. This campaign will directly support hiring a full-time STEM Coordinator position and bring us one step closer to obtaining certification for our neighborhood school.

This time, we are raising all our money online through a crowdfunding campaign. Why? We want to keep our costs low and ensure as much money as possible stays at Evansdale.

It’s so simple: just click here and choose your donor level. We are encouraging families to consider the level that is the best fit for their family and all donations are tax-deductible. There are great rewards especially for those who donate $75 or $150 since you’ll receive a special invitation to celebrate our a special March 7th donor event. You will not want to miss this! Venue, theme and more will be announced in the days to come but you can secure your spot by donating today.

The campaign is live now until March 6th.

Be social and share! Once you’ve donated, tell your friends and neighbors about why you support STEM at Evansdale by using the social share buttons on the site.

Still have questions? Click here for a full FAQ about this campaign, the history of STEM at Evansdale and more.

Our fundraising platform this spring is Uruut.  Click here to donate now!

Our fundraising platform this spring is Uruut. Click here to donate now!



Full STEM Ahead Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) for Full STEM Ahead

Photo Jan 11, 1 35 41 PM

Click HERE To Donate!

What is “Full STEM Ahead”?

Full STEM ahead is a fundraising initiative focused on recruiting and hiring a full-time STEM Coordinator for Evansdale’s students and teachers by August 2015.  One of Evansdale’s goals is to become STEM certified and the Foundation was asked to help!Currently we have a computer lab, STEM kits, Promethean boards in every classroom, and tablets on the way – but the teachers urgently need coaching and support to activate this technology in the classrooms.  Full STEM Ahead is a financial movement to step-change the integration of STEM and technology in our children’s daily education experience.

How much money are you trying to raise and what are you using it for?

We hope to raise $20,000 to invest in a full time STEM coordinator teacher position for Evansdale who will begin in the fall of 2015.

What is STEM?

STEM is an educational program that combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, rather than teaching them separately, to engage students in problem solving and finding solutions.  It aims to transform the typical teacher-centered classroom to a learning environment that allows students to be more active – discovering, exploring, problem-solving – and when students are more active, they take more ownership of their learning and better develop skills they will need for higher education and the workforce. Studies have shown that most STEM-related jobs pay 26-40% higher than non-STEM jobs and have better job security. By 2018 over 8 million jobs in the United States economy will require a college degree in a STEM discipline.

Why hire a STEM coordinator?

Teachers and students currently have access to promethean boards, lap tops, tablets, and even STEM science kits, but no training or roadmap to integrate these tools into curriculum standards and learning objectives.  A STEM coordinator would help develop grade level learning plans to provide training and guidance to teachers to activate all the technology already available to them. This coordinator would ensure regular integration of engaging lessons via technology; seek out new technologies, programs and opportunities that drive engagement with STEM; and coordinate participation in clubs/competitions that would drive exposure for the school and experience for our children.  He/She would also collaborate with our Outreach Parent to create a basic learning plan to familiarize inexperienced parents with basic digital competence in key ways that will help support/encourage their children and families.

How will this benefit all students?

Our kids are “Digital Natives” – a generation born into networked digital technologies and the skills to use those technologies. Major parts of their lives and daily activities are mediated by digital technologies, and even testing and assessments will be completed online by spring of 2015.  We are receiving the technology and infrastructure we need, but we need dedicated digital capability, planning, coaching and support to help teachers bring it to life in the classroom.  This is the role that a STEM Coach has successfully played for other schools like Briarlake Elementary.  Every student at Evansdale will have more technology integrated into their curriculum, facilitated by the STEM Coordinator. And by becoming STEM certified, more grants and funding will be available to the school.

What is Uruut (crowdfunding) all about?

For this fundraiser we chose to take our campaign online with Uruut, an Atlanta based company that created a platform to help bring together individuals, businesses and foundations to obtain community-level funding.   Our hope is that by using this platform we can reach an even wider audience including business sponsors, and that through the power of social media, and online marketing we can raise funds not only from our community but through our extended networks as well.   Locally,  schools including Lakeside High School, Ashford Park Elementary and the GLOBE Academy have all used Uruut for their recent fundraising projects.

Can I write a check or donate cash? 

Absolutely!  Although this is an online fundraising campaign we will happily take your offline donation in whatever form you chose to pay.  Simply fill out this donor form so we can make sure you receive a receipt and are recognized at the appropriate level.  Return your check or cash to the front office no later than March 2nd.  Unfortunately we can’t display your name on the fundraising website however we will include your giving in our year end donor listing.

Is this tax deductible?  Yes, the Evansdale Education Foundation is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.  You will automatically receive a receipt when you complete your donation online.   Offline donation receipts will be sent separately and at a later date.

What Happened to Red, Hot and Blue (spring auction?)

For the past 4 years, the foundation has organized and hosted a spring fundraiser that featured a live and silent auction.  This was a ticketed ($30-40 per person) event with a cash bar and a chance to bid on items that would then benefit the Foundation and school as a whole.   These events are fun and effective but require hundreds of volunteer hours (your time!), solicitation from local businesses (who are already spread thin), teacher involvement (they are already so busy) as well as additional costs to host the event. While we love the idea of a gathering to build our community and celebrate our accomplishments, this year the Foundation has decided to scale back to accomplish a single and critical priority, identified by our school’s administration.   And unlike the auction, where ticket prices cover expenses and your auction purchases are not tax write-offs, every dollar you share will go to our effort to recruit a STEM coach, and every dollar is a tax write off.

What is the event on March 7th?

March 7th will be a fun, social event where we can continue to celebrate our accomplishments as a school and a community, recognizing and appreciating our teachers, administration, and valued donors.  There will be food, drinks, and prize drawings, and opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the ones you know.

Can I buy tickets to the event?

No. To attend the Donor Party you must donate $75 for one entry, $150 for two. This is less than most of us spent to buy tickets, and bid on items at the auction in previous years!

What are you giving away at the event?

We are giving away a variety of items at the event, which will be done by an old fashioned prize drawing. Prizes will be announced throughout the campaign! The more you donate, the more chances you have to win!

How is the foundation different from the PTA?

The Evansdale Education Foundation and PTA are similar in that both organizations focus on providing the best resources and programs available to enhance our children’s early educational experience.  The most important difference is that the Foundation has the freedom to hire STAFF to supplement when the county allocations fall short.  Hiring new teachers, like our Reading Intervention teacher or this STEM Coach, helps improve our student:teacher ratios, differentiated learning opportunities for the kids, and our early intervention reading and math programs.

How can I learn more about the Evansdale Education Foundation?

Please visit our website at and be sure to join our mailing list.  And please consider joining the Board to be a part of fundraising and investment decisions that can help establish Evansdale one of the strongest elementary schools in Dekalb County.

Ok, fine– you’e got my donation.  But I forgot what to do?

Easy!  Just click HERE and donate before March 6, 2015.  Thank you for your continued support!