The board of the Evansdale Education Foundation, according to its bylaws can be as few as 3 and as many as 21 members. Some members serve as chairs of committees, while other members are considered “at large members” and contribute their time serving on multiple committees, stepping up to volunteer for tasks as needed, or simply learning the ropes.

The foundation board usually meets one Sunday evening per month. However, during “crunch” times, such as our Spring Red, Hot & Blue auction event, board nominations period, or during the hectic time when the school receives its staffing information for an upcoming school year, the board might meet 2 or more times a month. Likewise, particular committees sometimes meet more often when working towards a deadline or goal.

All Evansdale Education Foundation members welcome input, comments, and suggestions about how we can better work with you to achieve our mission.

Are you interested in serving the Evansdale Education Foundation as a board member or volunteer? The board nominations process usually kicks off in early spring, so please contact us if you are interested in serving on the board. Volunteers are welcome any time!

Jim Bitsko

Fundraising Committee Chair

Jim Bitsko earned a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry from Georgia State University in 1992.  He has worked for the Internal Revenue Service since 1987 and has served as a manager/analyst since 1991.  He is also a Spinning instructor at a local YMCA.  When not working, volunteering,  Read More

Lauren Shankman

Communications Committee Chair

Lauren Sullivan Shankman joined the Evansdale neighborhood in 2005 when her twin daughters (Leah & Sydney) were just toddlers.  Now with 2 middle school students, and a brand new Eagle in kindergarten, Lauren is on her third year serving on the board of the Evansdale Education  Read More

Genny Tuggey


Genny Tuggey is an Atlanta native and in fact, a graduate of Lakeside High School and Hawthorne Elementary….let’s just say back in the day when there was no middle school.  She and Todd have three children, Porter (11), Emerson (9), and Grady (6).  She earned degrees in  Read More

Chris Foley


Chris Foley is entering his second year as a board member and as of June 2014 he will help make up the executive board by serving as treasurer.  Chris earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a B.S. in Marine Biological Sciences from the University of Alabama in 1995.  He  Read More

Scott Vanags


Scott is a product manager at AT&T and has 15 years of business experience in wireless telecom and management consulting.  He has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University.   Read More

Luci Chattman


Luci joined Evansdale as the principal during the 2014 school year.   A professional educator for the past decade, Luci has worked with families, children, and communities for the past 20 years.  Prior to joining Evansdale she was the assistant principal at Laurel Ridge  Read More

Jessie Oneil

Jessie Oneil is a new member of the Evansdale Education Foundation Board.  She graduated with a Business Degree specializing in Hospitality Administration from Georgia State University.  She is currently an assistant Pre-K teacher at Embry Hills Preschool.  She and her husband  Read More

Charlotte Redo

Charlotte Redo  is an employment law attorney with Schwartz Rollins, a boutique law firm. She specializes in resolving labor and employment issues affecting employees and small businesses in the private sector.  She earned her law degree from Mercer University, a Master’s  Read More

Adam Grier

Adam Grier joined the Foundation board during the 2015-16 school year. He and his wife, Julie, have two sons at Evansdale, Jackson who is in 3rd grade and Connor who is in first Grade.  They also have a daughter at Embry Hills Kindergarten.  An Evansdale alumni, he loves  Read More

Cheryl Anderson

Evansdale Teacher Liasion

Serena Vinter

Srena Vinter joined the Evansdale Education Foundation Board at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. She and her husband, Ed, moved to the Evansdale community in 2013 in large part because of the school’s reputation. They are excited to send their twin 5-year olds off  Read More

Wes Easom

Wes Easom is a new member of the Evansdale Education Foundation Board for the 2016 School Year.  He earned his B.A. from Mercer University and his Master’s from Emory.  He and his wife Susan have two children, Anderson and Collins, who are in the French Immersion program  Read More

Melissa Sanders

Melissa Sanders joined the board of the Evansdale Education Foundation in 2016 to help end communications efforts for the organization. Sanders has worked in the public relations and marketing sector for nearly 20 years in markets including New York City, Atlanta and the San  Read More

Kristi Cross

Kristi Cross is an Atlanta native and joins the board of the Evansdale Education Foundation after recently retiring with 30 years of teaching experience with 18 of those years at Evansdale Elementary. Her and her husband John live in the Evansdale neighborhood and want to stay  Read More

Leslie Robinson

Leslie Robinson is the mother of two girls at Evansdale Elementary.  She has worked in the insurance brokerage industry for 10 years, specifically with McGriff, Seibels & Williams.  Leslie is currently a Marketing Account Executive with the firm with a focus on Information  Read More